CONFERENCE REPLAY The Diversity in PR online conference brought together speakers from the PR industry from under-represented communities and provided a platform to share their stories, struggles, strategies and success with an inclusive audience that needs inspiration and seeks to understand real-life learned experiences.  Below you will find recordings of all the sessions from October 20, 2020.  Continue the conversation with #DiversityInPR

Individual Sessions 

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Full Day – Tuesday October 20 $149 CAD (approx. 90£ or $115 USD)

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Session 1 – Doing Diversity Differently: Becoming an Influencers for Inclusion, Kamna Narain

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Session 2 – Panel: Pride & Prejudice

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Session 3 – The New Language of Racism: How to be Anti-Racist,

Sherhara Downing

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Session 4 – Diversity is a fact. Inclusion is a choice.

Rohini Mukherji

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Session 5 – Go your own way: carving out your own destiny and career path, Matt Batten

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Session 6 – Panel: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

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Session 7 – The Science of Navigating through Change  Diana Peltier