About Us

SummersDirect Conference & Events is a conference and event planning company that sets itself apart from the rest with a focus on customer service and value. For over 15 years we have been producing and marketing conferences and events across Canada. We have the expertise and know how, but most importantly, we offer you a quality product for a cost that fits within your budget.

Not only do we research and produce our own events, but we also partner with associations and businesses to assist them with producing their events. Contact us for a free consultation on how we can help your organization achieve its event goals.


We create leading edge conference programs in a variety of business areas focusing on communications, energy and infrastructure, government, and legal.

Speaker’s Corner

We pride ourselves on recruiting the highest quality of speakers. If you are an expert in an area and are interested in increasing your exposure, please contact us and ask for Speaker’s Corner to be considered for our exclusive speaker list.

Your Events

Need help planning an association or corporate event? Companies and associations often undertake the seemingly simple task of event planning only to find that it’s taking up more of their valuable time than first thought. Are you or your staff or volunteers spending valuable hours managing an event while normal duties suffer? We can help you. Call us for a free consultation and one of our team will speak with you to discuss how you can achieve your event goals without hurting your bottom line or your business.


SummersDirect Conference & Events provides a valuable market for potential sponsors. Our events target specific groups and give you a captive audience. Our affordable registration fees and quality content make our conferences a must for delegates.

To investigate our innovative and flexible sponsorship opportunities, give us a call. We will chat about how our programs can help you reach your audience.